Think outside the box...plan the kitchen of your dreams!

Before beginning your kitchen remodel, it's important to take a moment to discover what it is you really want and need from your new kitchen. Answer the questions below to open your mind to the many exciting considerations and possibilities that are available to you and have these with you when you contact us so that we may help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

1. What is your lifestyle? Do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen?

2. Do you eat most of your meals as a family or in smaller groups?

3. Do you have more than one cook in the family?

4. Do you entertain frequently? When you do, is the kitchen the focal point?

5. What type of special storage needs do you have for appliances, etc?

6. What is the height of the primary user of the kitchen? Plan your work areas and storage needs accordingly.

7. Do your children get involved in meal preparation?

8. Will you need a sit-down eating area in the kitchen?

9. What are your shopping patterns - small amounts frequently or larger amounts less frequently?

10. Will you do laundry in the kitchen area?

11. Do you recycle? Will you need cabinetry with recycling bins?

12. How much pots-and-pans storage do you need? Do you want this type of storage with drawers or slide-out trays?

13. Do you bake frequently? Do you need a baking center with a lower counter?

14. Do you store wine? Will you need a wine rack?

15. Do you have china and/or collectibles you want to display in open units or glass door cabinets?

16. Will you need to relocate appliances or a sink in your new kitchen?

17. What type of lighting will you use? Will you need under-cabinet lighting?

18. What type of wood will you select for your new cabinets?

19. What type of door style will you choose?

20. What stain or color will you choose?

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